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Wed Online in 48 Hours!

Experience the beauty of a swift and legally recognized online wedding with WedOnline, allowing couples from around the world to say "I do" in just 48 hours.
Oct 12, 2023
2 min

Imagine: Saying "I do" to your beloved in a simple, beautiful online ceremony. Your love knows no boundaries, and with WedOnline, your wedding won’t either. Marry your partner online in just 48 hours and embark on a blissful journey together, no matter where you both are in the world.

Swift Wedding, everlasting Love

Your love story deserves a beautiful beginning. WedOnline allows you to legally and officially get married online in only 2 days! Regardless of your location on the globe, WedOnline seals your love legally and beautifully, and you receive a legitimate marriage certificate.

The special touch of WedOnline:

  • Quick and uncomplicated: Only 48 hours and you’re officially wed!
  • Accessible always, everywhere: No matter your global location, your union is celebrated and legally bound with WedOnline.
  • Straightforward steps: Minimal steps lead you to a heartfelt online ceremony and a lawful marriage certificate.
  • Confidential and safe: Your ceremony and information are utterly private and secure.
  • Immediate certificate: Receive your online marriage certificate right after your ceremony.
  • Global delivery: We can dispatch the original certificate to any location worldwide.
  • Memorable moments captured: Your ceremony will be recorded, keeping your special moments preserved.
  • Witness and Apostille services: We could provide 2 witnesses and handle apostille services to certify your marriage globally (additional cost).

Completely LEGAL and CERTIFIED

This isn’t just a ceremony. Your marriage through WedOnline is fully legal and authorized. The marriage certificate you receive is genuine proof of your union, enabling you to embark on your future chapters together, confidently and legally.

Kickstart your joint future

With your WedOnline marriage, your shared future begins instantly. If you dream of building a life in the U.S., your marriage certificate facilitates your Marriage Green Card application, helping you and your spouse establish your nest in the United States, seamlessly and legally.

All are welcome here

Every form of love is splendid and WedOnline welcomes everyone. Whoever you are, wherever you are, and whoever you love, WedOnline is here to solemnize your union, offering a day of joy and a lawful marriage.

Your shared, beautiful life commences here

When you’re ready to say “I do” and embark on a blissful shared life with your beloved, WedOnline is here to make it happen. In merely 48 hours, be legally married and step forth towards realizing all your shared dreams and ambitions, with the assurance of a secure and lawful marriage.

Celebrate love, embrace each other, and commence your shared future with WedOnline.

💌 Your splendid wedding day and a lifetime of shared love are merely a click away with WedOnline!

Let us take care about you!

WedOnline streamlines your online marriage experience. We offer everything you need, from a licensed officiant for virtual ceremonies to recording your special moment and providing a marriage certificate.

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