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How to get married Now! <br> Get simple instructions!

Marrying the love of your life can be simple and instant! WedOnline brings you a step-by-step guide to tie the knot online within just 48 hours, all while ensuring your union is celebrated and legally recognized, even if you're miles apart!
Dec 14, 2023

Key marriage terms to remember:

  • Marriage License: Your ticket to get married! Obtain it first.
  • Marriage Certificate: Your official marriage proof, received after the ceremony.

Always remember: Gain permission with the license and validate your union with the certificate!

Your easy 5-step guide with WedOnline.

Navigate through a simple yet comprehensive roadmap, ensuring your online matrimonial journey is both delightful and legal:

Step 1: Document preparation

  • Secure valid passports, parents’ details, and witness information.

Step 2: Ensure verification via payment

  • Select your package and consider the recommended Apostille service.
  • Keep your passport and a clear selfie (with a white background) ready.

Step 3: Complete and submit your application

  • Both partners should fill out forms, ensuring all details are accurate and truthful.
  • Attach selfies and witness details, and then patiently await confirmation.

Step 4: Pick your ceremony date

Once the license is confirmed and acquired, choose your ceremony date to step into your forever.

Step 5: Obtain your marriage certificate

Post-ceremony, a digital marriage certificate will be emailed to you on the same day, with an option for a hard copy and Apostille arriving within 3-7 business days.

Begin a Boundless Celebration of Love with WedOnline!

Your love story knows no borders, and with WedOnline, your marital bliss starts in just 48 hours, wherever you may be on the globe.

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WedOnline is here, ready to guide every step on the path of your beauty forever. Your happily-ever-after is not a dream; it's just a click and 48 hours away!

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WedOnline streamlines your online marriage experience. We offer everything you need, from a licensed officiant for virtual ceremonies to recording your special moment and providing a marriage certificate.

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