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How to get a marriage green card?

Learn how WedOnline simplifies the path to obtaining a Marriage Green Card, enabling couples to get legally married online in just 48 hours and navigate the process with ease, making their journey to the U.S. filled with love and happiness.
Oct 11, 2023
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Love is a splendid journey, often bringing together hearts from different corners of the world. When you decide to turn that beautiful love story into marriage, and one of you is from the U.S., obtaining a marriage green card becomes a bridge that allows you to build your life together in the United States.

What is a Marriage Green Card?

A marriage green card is a special document that allows the spouse of a U.S. citizen or green card holder to live and work in the U.S. It grants "permanent resident" status and, after three wonderful years, opens up the possibility of applying for U.S. citizenship.

Quickly bind your love into a legal commitment in just 48 hours and embark on the journey to your green card with ease!

Fast-track your path to a Marriage Green Card with WedOnline!

The first step to obtaining a green card is getting married. With WedOnline, you can be legally married online in a swift 48 hours, obtaining a legal marriage certificate, which is a vital document for your green card application.

Simple Steps Post-Marriage:

  1. Prove Your Marriage is Real: The U.S. spouse fills out a form (I-130) to validate the marriage.
  2. Apply for Green Card: Submit another form (I-485 if you're in the U.S., DS-260 if you're elsewhere).
  3. Interview: Participate in a green card interview and then await approval.

How Long and How Much?

  • Time: On average, obtaining a green card takes about 17 months.
  • Money: It will cost $1760 if the non-U.S. spouse is in the U.S., and $1200 if they are located outside the U.S.

Smooth sailing with expert assistance from WedOnline

The green card application can be tricky, but with WedOnline, you can fast-track the process by getting married quickly and then, while nestled in marital bliss, await your green card approval. Our clear guides and expert advice help prevent mistakes, ensuring your journey is smooth and stress-free.

Stay Informed!

Keep abreast of green card rule updates, such as changes to the F-2A category in September 2023, as they can influence waiting periods.

Love, celebrate, and start your U.S. Life together with WedOnline!

Your beautiful love story can grow across different countries. Start with an easy online wedding from WedOnline and then, step by step, make the U.S. your shared home. Every step toward your American dream can be smooth, happy, and full of love.

Warmly, Your WedOnline Team 💖🎉🇺🇸

Let us take care about you!

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