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Global Recognition of U.S. Marriage Certificates: What you need to know with WEDONLINE?!

Explore the importance of understanding global recognition for U.S. marriage certificates with WEDONLINE, including the potential need for Apostille Certification and the recommendation to seek legal counsel for international marriage and immigration matters.
Sep 17, 2023
1 min

Though WEDONLINE's online ceremonies are entirely legal under U.S. laws, we can't guarantee how other countries will view them. Different governments and immigration authorities have their own rules about recognizing foreign marriage certificates.

If you're planning to register your marriage or want it acknowledged in a country outside of the United States, you might need an Apostille Certification. For details on how to include this in your application, please check our pricing page.

Please note that WEDONLINE isn't a source for legal counsel concerning international marriage laws or immigration. To fully understand how your online marriage will be viewed outside the U.S., it's best to consult officials in your jurisdiction or speak with an immigration or family law attorney. They can guide you through any additional requirements or documents you may need.

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