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Crafting the perfect vow: simple steps to beautiful wedding vows!

When you look into the eyes of the person you love on your wedding day, you want to say something special. This is your promise, or "vow," to them. Helen, one of our clients, had a funny and touching moment about this.
Dec 4, 2023

Helen's story:

Helen was excited but nervous on her wedding day. She wanted everything to be perfect. But when the person leading the ceremony asked her to say her vow, she froze. "My mind went blank! I had forgotten to get my vow ready. My English wasn’t perfect, and I just tried to say something... "I promise to... love and... be there?" I said. It was honest but not quite what I had dreamed of saying.”

But something wonderful happened. The manager from WedOnline, who was helping with her online ceremony, noticed Helen’s struggle. She quickly sent Helen a message with a beautiful, simple vow that Helen could say. Helen read the words, "I vow to be your partner in all things, not possessing you, but working with you to create a happy, strong love."

It was perfect and saved the moment!

Tips for your own vows:

  1. Think about your love: Remember a time you were really happy or a tough time you got through together. Example: “I promise to laugh with you during fun times and hold you when you cry.”
  2. Be real: Say what's in your heart, even if it’s simple. Example: “I will love you every day.”
  3. Say something special just for you two: Mention something only the two of you understand. Example: “I promise to always save you the last bite of dessert.”
  4. Practice: Say your vows to yourself a few times to feel comfortable.
  5. Look for ideas: Reading other vows can give you ideas for your own.
  6. Keep it short and sweet: A few simple promises can be very powerful. Example: “I vow to be your friend, your love, and your partner, always.”

With Helen's story and these tips, we hope you find creating your own vows a bit easier. And remember, with a team like WedOnline, you’ve always got a friend ready to help make your special day just as beautiful as your love story. We are here to help make sure every word, even in your vows, is perfect for you.

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