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A detailed guide on how to Wed Online?!

Celebrating love knows no boundaries, and in our modern, interconnected world, embracing this beautiful journey should be as seamless as possible. At WedOnline, we believe your love story should transcend physical distance and bureaucratic hurdles. Here’s a straightforward guide on how you can be wed online, legally and affectionately, in just 48 hours!
Nov 7, 2023

Let’s clarify two important terms: the "marriage license" and the "marriage certificate." Understanding the difference and the significance of each is crucial, especially when you’re navigating through the process of getting married:

  1. Getting Permission with a Marriage License - FIRST and foremost, obtaining a marriage license is essential. Think of the marriage license as a permission slip that allows you to get married. Once the courthouse issues your license number, you can officially set your ceremony date. It's a pivotal step in making your union legal!
  2. Validating Your Union with a Marriage Certificate - AFTER your ceremony, the next key document is your marriage certificate. This is an official paper that confirms and validates your marriage. You will receive your marriage certificate promptly, ensuring your union is officially recognized.

So, in simple terms:

  • Obtain your marriage license BEFORE your ceremony.
  • Receive your marriage certificate AFTER your ceremony to validate your marriage.

Remember: Start with getting permission (license) and end with obtaining validation (certificate)!

WedOnline has prepared a simple, yet very detailed guide for you, with just 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Prepare your documents

Embarking on your online wedding journey begins with a bit of essential paperwork to ensure that your love story is legally recognized.

✔️ Valid passports: Make sure both of you possess valid passports. This ensures the authenticity and legality of your union.

✔️ Parental details: Be ready with the full names and birthplaces of both partners' parents. This information is crucial to validate your marriage application.

✔️ Witness details: Have the names of two witnesses, ensuring they are above 18 and capable of communicating in English. Their presence, even virtually, lends a personal touch and an extra layer of legality to your ceremony.

Step 2: Make a payment and secure your verification

Ensuring your identity is valid and acknowledged is key in the online world, guaranteeing that your marriage is recognized and unquestionable.

✔️Purchase the package for $499.00, then WedOnline offers the option to purchase Apostille service, which is highly recommended, especially for international citizens who will use their marriage certificate outside the U.S.

✔️ Passport in hand: Keep your valid passport nearby.

✔️Snap a selfie: Take a selfie ensuring a clear view of your face, preferably against a white background. 

Step 3: Application and Confirmation

Once your identity is verified, you're just a step away from saying “I do”. It’s application time!

✔️Complete the forms: Each partner should individually fill out their forms, ensuring every detail about them is accurate and truthful.

✔️Double-check: Make sure all names, dates, and numbers are absolutely correct to avoid any hitches during the verification process.

✔️Upload your selfie: Attach that clear selfie which was snapped against a white background for efficient verification.

✔️Witness details: Input the names of your witnesses, ensuring their eligibility and availability for your chosen ceremony date.

✔️Submit: Once all details are accurately filled in, submit your application.

✔️Confirmation: expect confirmation from WedOnline, that your MARRIAGE LICENSE is ready. It is a pivotal document, without which you cannot proceed with the online marriage process.

Step 4: Set your Ceremony Date! 

Upon confirmation and getting your marriage license, you're all set to select your wedding date! With just a few clicks, your dreams of embarking on a lifetime journey together are just around the corner. Pick a date and time that resonates with your love story and step into a future where every day is a jubilant celebration of your union.

The final Step 5: getting your MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE

After the ceremony, you'll receive a digital marriage certificate by email sameday.  Additionally, you have the option to obtain the original hard copy and Apostille within 3-7 business days.

Tying the knot, virtually and joyfully!

Marriage is a union of two hearts, and at WedOnline, we strive to make this union as joyful and effortless as possible. Your love, celebrated through a simple, enchanting, and completely legal online wedding, will know no boundaries. In just 48 hours, commence a beautiful journey together, wherever in the world you might be.

Begin your forever now!

Ready to start your happily ever after? 

WedOnline is here to guide you through each step, ensuring your love is celebrated, cherished, and legally recognized.

With love and joy, 

WedOnline team

Let us take care about you!

WedOnline streamlines your online marriage experience. We offer everything you need, from a licensed officiant for virtual ceremonies to recording your special moment and providing a marriage certificate.

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